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Durafly Sea Vixen Vixen 2

Hobby King's Durafly Sea Vixen powered by a 70 MM fan.


Film - Nick Costin  Model by Vic Nightingale

Richard's Big Sopwith Pup

Sopwith Pup Pup Pup over the field

Another master class in air to air video by Nick Costin.  


Richard's beautiful DB Sopwith Pup. Shot by a Mobius HD camera on board a Raven wing.

Pup Air to Air Vampire video link

The Bigaole BGL-6G-AP trumps the Turningy T1000. It is smaller, has the addition of MANUAL as well as Self Levelling and Return to Home. $73.99 from RC Castle. - No need to lose or break that £150 model any more.


See the Forum discussion here:


RC Castle - here:



Bigaole BGL-6G-AP RC Castle BGL-6-AP


All members must be registered with the CAA if intending to fly models over 250gram total mass.

You can do this direct with the CAA or through the BMFA at renewal. The November 30th deadline is extended for BMFA members to 20th February. Unless you have a BMFA Achievement Certificate you must take the simple on-line test. If you require help with this please contact the Chairman or Secretary.



New Video: Freewing Super Scorpion 80mm EDF

Freewing Scorpion

EDF 80mm fan with 6s 4500mah Zippy Compact lipo.